Research, Research, Research!
February 19, 2018
National High School Model UN
March 8, 2018

All of this week, I have been on break from school. Because of this, I have had plenty of free time in which I have had nothing to do. Of course, I took some of this free time to see friends and family, but I have also used a good portion of it to fundraise. As many of you know, I am on the last leg of my fundraising and thus very close to finally completing┬ámy dream. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that I power through these next few weeks to the fundraising done such that I can use my time in other manors, such as applying for my visa or looking into community service right here in RI (Becuase if I can help those who live halfway around the world, then why can’t I help those who live here?) I have spent the week visiting businesses and completing cold calls in an effort to collect that final sum that I need for my trip. Furthermore, I wanted to end this post off by just mentioning again how thankful I am for all of your support. I know it may feel redundant at this point, but my success in completing┬ámy dream has, in its own way, landed completely on the shoulders of all of you.

Thank you for your continued support

– Oscar Clement