Checking off the itinerary

Spotting the Finish Line
March 18, 2018
Researching the Past
April 2, 2018

There is much more than just fundraising that goes into putting together a dream. Of course, fundraising is still a major part of it of this dream, if not the largest (outside of having the dream itself)dd, but it still should go without saying that there is still a sizeable amount of work that is required for my trip to go off without a hitch.
This week, one of the most important aspects that I focused on was the transportation aspect of my trip (as its quite obvious that I cannot simply just walk halfway across the world to another country). Therefore, I booked all of my flights this week (being five in total, if you count the transfers at various airports). Although this did take some careful planning, with the help of a travel association I was able to book all of my flights, taking into consideration everything from the time of day, to how long it would take to go back through security, all such that my travels may go on without a hitch. Along with this, I am also happy to announce that the flights themselves are completely paid off, meaning that the rest of the money that is being fundraised is going to minor expenses that we are expecting to occur along the way.
On top of all of this, I am also very happy to inform you of the two packages that I have received in the mail (hence this week’s thumbnail). The first item which I received was a care package from GLA (the organization which is running the program) which contained everything from a shirt, to a notebook (for recording what I will be doing during my trip, of course), to even a pamphlet and pen to go along with it. The second and arguably most important parcel that I received in the mail was my passport. This was the last large piece of documentation that I needed for my travels, thus taking a little bit of stress away from my current duties.
I wanted to end this post off by reminding you all that I am at the tail end of my fundraising, with less than $500 to go. I would like to strongly encourage you to share this blog with others whom you know such that they too may take part in finally making my dream a reality.