Doctors Visit

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June 4, 2018
Finals Notification
June 11, 2018

One of (if not the most important) parts of going to another country is the process of having the proper pre-departure medical treatments. In doing so, you are able to not only avoid any potential ailments which you may encounter (which for me included things such as malaria and yellow fever), but you also gain the reassurance of a much safer trip. For those reasons, I had my travel doctors visit, where I had the pleasure of not only receiving my vaccinations but also a few different oral medications. Although some of this process may not have been particularly enjoyable, it was necessary none the less, and thus I am safer. This was one of the last steps in the process of my pre-departure checklists, so I am very happy to see the list diminishing. My trip is now at T-1 month and two days away from departure, and I could be none the less happy. Thank you for your continued support as my journey comes closer and closer -Oscar Clement