End of Quarter 3!

Researching the Past
April 2, 2018
Reaching The Summit
April 18, 2018

As my trip nears closer and closer, so does the end of my Sophmore year. This week marked the last days of the third quarter of the school year, bringing along with it all of the work required. Besides the large array of different tests that were presented to me this week, I also had the “pleasure” of participating in this year’s standardized testing in the form of the PSAT’s. To be quite honest, the test itself is not bad and actually lends itself well to students, allowing them to determine which areas they are proficient in, and which areas they need to work on. I truly believe that these tests help students not only become better students but also better learners. The few hours that these tests take truly do benefit┬áthe students.

Outside of this, I am in the last few days of my fundraising. With just a small amount left to go, I am actively seeking these few donations to make sure that my dream does, in fact, become a reality and that all of this work that I have put in these last few months does not go to waste.