Half Way There!

What has happened in the last month?
January 9, 2019
March 7, 2019

With the month of January coming to a close, I am very happy to announce that the first semester of my junior year has come to a close. By this point, I have finished all of my midterms, my grades have been submitted, and I now only have a few more short months until this year of school wraps up in June. I am half way there!

It is hard to come to terms with the fact that the last time I was in China was close to six whole months ago. Looking back on it — and I know this is very cliche to say — I feel as if I was back in Shaxi just days ago. So many of those views and experiences seem so close now, yet I was half a world away when I had those memories for the first time. The lessons which I have learned are not lost on me, as I am still trying my best every day to complete the things which I had set out to achieve.

As far as my current goals stand, I have a variety of different things coming fresh up onto my plate. My road test for my license is coming up this Tuesday, meaning that in four short days I will be able to drive on my own, once and for all! I do plan on writing another blog post in this next upcoming week with an update on how this goes. Outside of this, I am also working on the last few type-ups from my daily journal which I made during my time in China. I am aware that I have not updated them in a while, so to make sure that none are left out, I am going to do the last few in one single, jam-packed post! This should also be up within the next week and a half to two weeks (all depending on work and school schedules.

Winter is almost over (hopefully) and Spring will soon be here. I am hopeful that these next few months will be amazing as I approach AP testing and my final “real” summer before I am a young adult, heading off to college. Hope you all enjoy my next posts to come!