Holidays, Work, and Standardized Testing

The Journey Pt.5
November 15, 2018
Why can’t I envision myself?
December 10, 2018

One of the most important and powerful things that I think we can all focus on during the holiday seasons are the simple tasks which we are thankful for. As cliche as it sounds (I would bet that most of you grew up hearing this very saying), I think the anecdote holds a very important place in our daily lives.
I know that as of recently, I have been trying my best to juggle school and the SAT’s with extracurriculars, along with work, family, and personal goals. Especially now that it is the busy holiday season, I have often times found myself overwhelmed with work or social anxiety, stressing over the numerous tasks which I know that I have due the following days. I always find myself stating that “it’s only a few more days, a few more assignments, a few more hours” and then all the work will clear up, all the stress will be gone and my life can now be “normal” again. However, I find myself doing this every week as it seems that the work only continues or gets harder, and the cycle continues. I have a strong feeling that a lot of you will probably be able to relate to this, that this idea will resonate with you. That why I think that everyone should be thankful for the small things in life.
I have now come to realize that life isn’t always fun, and it shouldn’t be. Especially now with work and school, I find myself with less and less free time, trading hours of my life for education or income. And though I cannot say that I have mastered this skill of thankfulness, of enjoying the smaller moments, I think it has begun to dawn on me that I should (otherwise I would not be writing this). It’s important to have something that you value, that you truly enjoy, as it makes the mundane a little less crazy.
There are a lot of things which can instantly create a huge impact on your life, and for those reasons, you have to learn how to either cherish them or work to make them better. The majority of us don’t have the option of just giving up, of doing nothing with our lives. The reality is that we have to go to school. to college, to work, and do whatever it is that we do during our daily lives. What you can do though is make the best out of the extra time that you have. That’s why I think you have to be thankful for their small moments in life because often times they are the only ones which you can control yourself.