Paying it Forwards

The Crowd Behind the Movement
April 25, 2018
Quality of Life
May 10, 2018

One of the main reasons as to why I have set out on my journey, why I have worked so hard to achieve my dream has to do with our ability as people to help each other. I wholeheartedly believe that it is the duty of every person to at least help someone during their lifetime. This help could come in many forms… from guidance in life, to donations, to even community service, as all of these things are designed to help someone in need. This is why I have aimed to work so hard towards my goal because, by doing so, I have the opportunity to help many people who can’t help themselves. Even here in Rhode Island, there are so many people who don’t have the same opportunities for help or support. This was a lesson that I learned this past weekend when I volunteered with Fishes and Loaves, a non-profit soup kitchen based out of Rhode Island. We spent the day handing out food in a parking lot in Woonsocket, and although that does not seem out of the ordinary as far as community service goes, I learned a lot. I experienced first hand the issues that the people in our own state were facing, along with the hardships they went through on a daily basis. However, I think what I found more surprising was the sheer number of people who had come to the event. Over the span of the two hours we were there, we served over 150 people, running out of all the supplies that we had brought in the process. There is a large portion of Americans that do not have access to the things that they need, and thus they rely on services such as this one. Therefore, I am pledging myself to volunteer my time at least once every month. Although It may seem like a large undertaking, I believe that it will be every bit as worth it, as I will be helping so many people along the way.