Pre-Departure Update

Finals Notification
June 11, 2018
Departing from Boston
July 8, 2018

As a disclaimer to the following post, I would like to address the absence of a proper update over the past two weeks. As many of you know, I had finals for school, which definitely caused a disruption with my blog update schedule. In addition to this, I also had issues with my schools VPN and cybersecurity countermeasures during the past week while visiting my grandparents, and thus was not able to post onto the sight. However, now that I am home, these issues have been resolved.

With my adventure beginning this Sunday, I am proud to announce that my dream will finally be fulfilled. The hard work of these last nine months will finally pay off, and I would have achieved my goals. Through your (the readers) support, I have been able t0 obtain this goal within my life, so again I will thank you. These next few days are sure to be full of final preparations for the journey that is to come, and I could not be happier. Although my access to electronics and the internet will be severely diminished during my time abroad, I do plan on keeping a log of my journey as well as taking plenty of photos during my time there. These photos will eventually be uploaded to this blog, which will serve as a sort of post-trip archive for any future endeavors which I may have. I plan to continue to update this blog on a one to two-week basis after this chapter of my adventure includes because as many of you know, the journey of learning never stops. Thank you all so very much for your overwhelming support, and I hope to wish you a pleasant goodbye before my three-week journey.