Reaching The Summit

End of Quarter 3!
April 13, 2018
The Crowd Behind the Movement
April 25, 2018

One hundred seventy-six days is a long time. During a span of time as long as that, someone could accomplish many different things. They could master a skill, start a business, or even get in shape. For me, I spent my one hundred seventy-six days raising funds for my trip to China, and I am happy to say that after all of this time, I have finally reached my goal. My journey started in late October when I finally decided to take the initiative to fulfill my dream of traveling to China. For the longest time, I had the desire to be able to visit another country and not only learn about the culture and history, but to also help those who were there, in any manner that I could. Knowing that most people did not have the same advantages that I had only strengthened my passion towards this project, creating a greater drive for me to achieve my goal. However, it’s funny to look back upon all of the days that have led up to now. As stated before, it has been six months (half of a year!) since my journey began, and yet I feel like I started only yesterday. Maybe it was that passion and drive that made this journey seem short… or maybe it was finally reaching that summit, achieving my goal and looking down from the peak to see where I had come from. Either way, I have finally reached the top, and I can say that from here the view is beautiful. I do not know exactly what will come next, but I do know for certain that there will be more mountains for me to climb, more goals for me to reach. However, for the time being, I think that its safe for me to say that I can rest easy knowing I have completed this portion of my journey and that I am well on the way to starting the next.