Research, Research, Research!

Chinese Philosophy
February 9, 2018
February 26, 2018

As I made aware to you all, my dream to go to China does not stop at just going to China. Last week, I shared with you all my desire to choose a topic for my school research paper that not only reflected my desire to visit the country, but also my vast interest in the countries history and culture.Therefore, I have spent that last week doing the physical research of my paper. Of the time I took, about ten hours or so was spent between the North Kingstown and East Greenwich libraries. However, it was during my research that I discovered a flaw in my topic, there was not enough research on my original topic. Both libraries lacked the resources that I needed, and although college libraries may have some of the materials I would need, they would often only be small databases or encyclopedias with subsections on the topic. As my English teacher had brought it, it is hard to have a thesis if you don’t know the material regarding the subject. It’s like walking into a library, picking up a book, and trying to make an accurate statement about what it is about or what the author’s views are without actually reading the material. Therefore, it was logical for me to switch up my topic as I realized I was attempting to make a thesis without knowing the material for it. My research paper will now have a slightly different topic and thesis, but that is ok. I will still make sure to post my paper in these upcoming weeks when it is finished, but for now, that is all.

-Oscar Clement