Spotting the Finish Line

Passport to Another World
March 13, 2018
Checking off the itinerary
March 24, 2018

Do you remember that feeling when you first saw the finish line? You had been running so hard that between your shortness of breath, the pain in your legs and the not so subtle mix of emotions in your head, you believed that this goal, this one place in time you had been working so hard to reach is not really there. The experience is so surreal… you see that goal, only steps away, while at the same time remembering each and every stride you had previously taken to get there. This is exactly how I feel now.

Over the past five months, I have been working hard to earn each and every donation that would bring me closer to my goal. Now, during the third week of March, I am only $580 away from my final goal, that finish line I have been relentlessly running towards. There have been hiccups along the way… plans never go through as they were originally intended to. I have tripped here, maybe got a bruise or two there, and even had to take a few steps back all in the name of getting back on track. It has not been a smooth journey, and frankly, I never expected it to be.

It’s funny too, looking back at where I started. I can remember the first few donations that I received, who they were from, and the impact that it had on me. It was challenging, meeting people from businesses┬áthat you have never met and asking them for their support. At the same time though, it was rewarding. Knowing that I could achieve my goal, knowing that no matter hard it would be, I could eventually get there… that was reassuring. Even when I was only a few hundred┬ádollars in, it felt as if I had achieved so much, as if I was already there. there was always this continuous passion to keep on going, to drive forwards, to take that next step. Even now, when I am within arms reach of my goal, I do not feel as if I should slow down as if I should stop… and I do not plan to. The journey is not over yet, so until I reach my finish line, I will continue to work hard to reach my goal, no matter how close or far it is.