Starting Up School (Yet Again)

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August 10, 2018
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August 30, 2018

Today was my first day of school after what has felt like only a few weeks – and although my summer was packed full of adventures both at home and abroad – I am full of joy to announce that I am happy. Oddly enough, it is nice to have a constant back in my life. Though I have spent the last week doing summer work (which I made the poor decision of waiting until the last minute to complete), I have enjoyed my return. I have been reunited with many friends which I have not seen all summer, so reconnecting with them is always a pleasure.

On the front of new goals, my current one is to get back into the rhythm of school once again. I have four different AP Classes this year, along with an extra full year science course, so as of now I want to improve my work ethic. While I still have been actively participating in community service since I have been home (as I had promised both you, the reader, and myself), I do not plan on launching another full year journey for myself for at least another month. I want to focus on something that really matters and create a plan before I act. This worked for me last time (when I decided to finally fulfill my dream last year of going to China), so I would bet on it working out again.

As for other projects, I have currently been working on creating a slideshow which will go in depth on my overall trip in China, the things which I did, and my takeaways from the experience. If any of you missed it from my last post, I have created a google drive folder in which anyone can view the photos which I have added as long as you click the link below.